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Citrus Fruit
Cyprus offers a full range of citrus fruit available from October to June, with many of the popular varieties of oranges, lemons, grapefruit and soft citrus.
The reputation earned by Cyprus for high quality oranges reflects decades of experience with the crop. The main varieties grown are Navel, Oval and Valencia Late. The fact that Cyprus has been able to maintain and improve export volumes, underlines the careful cross fertilisation and skilled marketing undertaken by the packers/exporters.

Main varieties:
Navels, Ovals (Shamoutis), Valencia Late
Seasonal availability:
Navels: December to January
Ovals: December to March
Valencia Late: February to June
Cultivation of lemons is steeped in the history of Cyprus. The high demand for the preferred thin-skinned, juicy lemons has ensured that the island maintains its place as a major winter and spring supplier.

Main varieties:
Lapithiodiko, Eureka, Lisbon
Seasonal availability:
October to May
Grapefruit produced in Cyprus has a high juice and sugar content which is the result of virtually perfect growing conditions. New plantations have been established and there is now an export capacity for both white and red flesh grapefruit varieties.

Main varieties:
White Marsh Seedless, Star Ruby, Rio Red
Seasonal availability:
October to June
Soft Citrus
Originally based on Clementines, Cyprus has had a long experience in soft citrus growing. The increasing demand for easy peelers in world markets has encouraged the expansion and adaptation of citrus production with particular emphasis on hybrids.

Main varieties:
Mandoras, Minneolas, Nova, Clementines
Seasonal availability:
Mandoras: February to April
Clementines & Nova: November to December
Minneolas: January to March
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