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Cyprus Wine Culture
Wine Routes

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation has organised and designated seven wine routes along which visitors can get to know the island's wineries which are mostly small and enchanting.

Visible on many roads in the Limassol and Paphos districts are brown road signs bearing the name of the wine route. Following these routes, you can pass through some fascinating scenery, visit picturesque villages and sample wine at the regional wineries.

To aid the traveller interested in the island's wine heritage, the
Cyprus Tourism Organisation has published the guide Cyprus Wine Routes.
Wine Festival

The Wine Festival of Cyprus is held in the coastal town of Limassol and has been established as an annual event to celebrate Cyprus' rich history of viniculture. The Wine Festival is considered to be a revival of ancient feasts for the worship of Dionysus or Bacchus, the god of wine.

In late August to early September of each year, Limassol becomes the centre of attraction for thousands of locals and tourists who gather at the grounds of the municipal gardens to enjoy the traditional music and dancing along with Cypriot gastronomic delicacies and of course the free wine which flows in abundance.

This year the Wine Festival will be celebrating its half-centennial anniversary since its inception back in 1961 and it will be held between 8 and 18 September.
Wine Museum

The Wine Museum is housed in an old stone building situated in the outskirts of Erimi village, not far from Limassol. Under the same roof the visitor will discover the long history of Cyprus' viniculture, the art of wine making and the diversity of the island's wine culture. The building itself had once been an inn where wine merchants would stay overnight on the way to town to sell their wine.

A year after the opening of the Museum in 2005, it came to light that the deposit remains traced at the bottom of jars excavated in a settlement near Erimi that date back to the Chalcolithic Period, contained tartaric acid which is the characteristic acid of wine. This evidence is testimony to the fact that wine had been produced on the island for at least 5500 years, making Cyprus the home of the oldest wine in Europe.
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