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Farmed Fish

The commercial fishery sector in Cyprus comprises principally marine capture fishery and aquaculture although there is some recreational fishing providing good angling for locals and visitors. With limited fresh water availability, aquaculture in Cyprus mainly refers to marine with open sea cage culture used. After some years of research, the first marine fish fattening unit, which used land based coastal installations, commenced operations in 1988. The first commercial fish farm started production in Cyprus in 1991.

Today, the commercial fishery sector of Cyprus is consisted of offshore cage fish farms, marine hatcheries and shrimp farms. The latter adopt unique biotechnology techniques and produce approximately 30% of the total production from aquaculture in the Mediterranean, a significant business.

The main species of marine fish farmed on a commercial basis are the gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata), European sea bass (Dicentrachus labrax), and Northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) with significant quantities of Sharpsnout sea bream (Diplodus puntazzo), Shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa), Japanese sea bream (Pagrus major) and Red porgy (Pagrus pagrus). The species currently produced and sold in most quantity are sea bream and sea bass. Freshwater fish cultured in Cyprus on a commercial basis includes rainbow trout.

The fisheries sector is an important one and, as said, a developing element in the economy especially of several coastal areas, since its significant business potentials generate substantial income and work opportunities, thus contributing to the social and economic welfare of the local residents.

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