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Snacks/Bakery/Frozen products
British retailers are now discovering that Cyprus also exports some fantastic snacks and bakery, products which are sufficiently tasty and original to excite their interest. From coiled and stuffed pitas to pasta with a difference and lots of high quality frozen foods to tempt jaded palates, a unique combination of taste and convenience awaits the British retailer.

While people nowdays spent more time away from home, it is not surprising that Cyprus has developed a great number of interesting and toothsome snacks to keep hunger at bay throughout the day, providing exciting alternatives to the run of the mill croissants and rolls of the standard Continental breakfast eaten in the UK.

There’s plenty to choose from, too, whatever time of day the snack is taken. Tasty pitas are made in a coil and are available filled with local cheese, cream and with spinach grown on the island. Rolini are another snack whose appeal to British customers is likely to be broad. These small, tubular snacks are also available in spinach and cheese, cream and cheese varieties and also filled with olives. Puff pastries enjoy a huge popularity and among the formats which can be easily exported to British retailers are bite-sized pastries in apple, almond, cheese, cheese with ham, Halloumi and sausage varieties. From crispy breadsticks, croutons, bags of wheat and rye rusks, olive rolls and raisin toasts, to crackers, rice cakes and bread rolls flavoured with orange, anise and honey, many of these attractive products have already proven popular with British tastes.

Flavoursome fillings are very popular with Cypriots and British consumers can now find out why. Of particular note to people wishing to ring the changes with their pasta is Cyprus’s ravioli, which may be filled with Halloumi cheese or spinach and cheese. Pasta is also available in all the usual shapes, from fusilli and macaroni to rigatoni and vermicelli.

And if that taste is for sweet things, then there is plenty here to satisfy that demand too. The island produces a wide variety of sweet biscuits, from familiar digestives to orange, hazelnut and chocolate creams. Retailers looking for quality nut products will find plenty to choose from too. The island produces all sorts of nut and dried fruit products, often pleasingly packed in trays. Top-quality examples made from local island produce include dry-roasted nuts, brittle bars and packs of dried fruit.

Products can be imported from Cyprus both as ambient products in attractive, modern packaging and frozen. Along with coiled pitas and tubular rolini and pastry, Cypriot products all ready to furnish British freezers include everything from pizzas and pizza bases, ham, beef and chicken burgers to all kinds of finger food bites and crepes. Everything ready to be boiled or baked and served within minutes.
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