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Traditional Products
Cyprus produces a variety of traditional products that have been passed on from generation to generation up until today. These products are still produced in large quantities, available for consumption in the local market as well as exporting to international markets.

Traditional products of Cyprus include:
Soutzoukos (grape rolls), produced with almonds or walnuts sewed onto cotton thread and dipped into palouzes (thick like sweet jelly made from grape must and flour) several times  for a number of days and then left to dry and take its final form.
Loukoumia Yeroskipou (Cyprus delights), traditional sweet product available in a range of diverse flavours including, rose, mandarin, orange, vanilla and chocolate. Loukoumi Yeroskipou is the first traditional food product of Cyprus to receive an approval as a Product of Geographic Indication under EU regulations.
Homemade spoon sweets, produced with natural ingredients, mainly fruits and sugar. They are called spoon sweets because of their size and way of serving. These sweets include walnut, apricot, bergamot and watermelon sweets.
Carob products have carob as their main ingredient and examples of these products are carob syrup, pastelaki (peanut brittle), carob chocolate and carob powder.
The range of quality products is broad and Cypriot manufacturers pride themselves on offering great value and high standards of product and service. Traditional products of Cyprus are still produced using the same traditional methods preserving the exciting range of exotic flavours, but new technology has come into use so as to improve quality, reduce cost and maintain hygiene standards in order to be able to compete in international markets.
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